Art and design are strongly linked together with companies ranging from IKEA to Crate and Barrel actively offering items that serve as functional household aids and decorative eye-pleasers. WITTI Design is a startup company that prides itself on offering cutting-edge designs that are extremely innovative and stylish. Primarily interested in housewares, the company recently released an intelligent alarm clock called BEDDI and a soothing illuminated call-alert system known as NOTTI.Akin to the iHome series, these products use innovative technology that broaden the “smart home” trend.

The products designed by WITTI can therefore be grouped in the same category as Nest thermostat, Amazon Echo, Philips Hue and the Ring doorbell. However, WITTI is more interested in focusing specifically on technology that functions as sleep-aids and that is what provides them with a unique niche.

Sleep aids

The BEDDI is a "smart" alarm clock infused with several USB charging ports, multi-colored mood lighting and Bluetooth. The alarm clock can be programmed to wake users up with music they selected from Spotify and it is also possible to get the weather forecast or call an Uber car with the push of a button. Meanwhile, NOTTI uses lights to notify users of phone calls and/or other alerts. Moreover, it can also be used as a mood light that has the ability to dance along to music.

Both items work with iOS and Android.Despite only having been established in 2014, WITTI—which is a clever play on the word “witty”—seeks to use the latest and best technology to produce smart home gadgets and devices that are designed with elegance. “We are especially interested in offering items that can be used as bedroom décor,” explained CEO Alfred Wong.

“We want to help people improve their sleep and wakeup experience.” The NOTTI, in particular, has very relaxing components which make it a worthy de-stressor. Essentially a nightlight for adults, NOTTI is designed with lights that illuminate a room in a way that is meant to convey feelings of safety and security. While it can be used to alert users of their phone activity, it can also be used simply as a lamp.

Future plans

Despite having produced successful products already, WITTI is still very much a fledgling company that is testing the waters for the future. They are currently hosting a Kickstarter campaign to expand their BEDDI line to suit everyone’s different sleep needs. “We always enjoy hearing feedback from our consumers,” Alfred Wong stated. “We always take user feedback into consideration when we design a product or revamp a design on an existing item.” Presently, the company is gearing up for 2017 where they will appear at the CES convention and launch a third Kickstarter in March of 2017 that will help people monitor and improve their sleep and relaxation.