Halloween is fast approaching and millions of children are anticipating this special time of year by preparing costumes, watching lots of Halloween themed TV shows and even creating DIY Halloween art projects. Another fabulous way to engage kids in the spirit of Halloween is to read books that have a Halloween theme. “Halloween Holly” is one such story that celebrates Halloween while also teaching youngsters key lessons about sharing and caring as well as healthy eating choices. “The idea was created four years ago as a way to help my family have a healthier Halloween- and it worked!” declared author Cara Via.

“Halloween Holly” came out of Cara’s concern about the unhealthy eating habits and subsequent sugar meltdowns that results from bags of Halloween candy. Acknowledging that candies, chocolates and other sweet treats are delicious in moderation, Cara believes that kids should also be taught about eating healthy—even during the sugar-obsessed holidays. Hence, the creation of “Halloween Holly” which comes with a plush candy collecting bowl that aims to increase the fun and interactivity for kids.


“Halloween Holly” tells the story of Holly, a half-elf and half-fairy who lives in the North Pole. After her wings get in the way of building toys, Holly finds a way to help Santa by providing the elves with extra Halloween candy which is full of the sugar that keeps them creative.

The story was originally one that Cara verbally told her children and they liked it so much that she decided to write it down. After she learned that many other families were also seeking a fun—yet healthy—way to celebrate Halloween she decided to turn the story into a book and bowl set which was released last year. Cara Via stated “Both kids and parents love and adore Halloween Holly.

Kids easily connect with her and want to help the elves at the North Pole, so they really get excited to share their extra candy with them—and therefore eat less themselves." Additionally, Cara cited the lack of a friendly Halloween character as being a big motivator for her to create Holly.


Preparing the book for publication took time and it was especially challenging for her to find an illustrator who could accurately visualize the text and tone of the story.

“The hardest part was trying to find an artist who was willing to help me execute the story illustrations and the actual image of Halloween Holly that I already depicted in my mind,” Cara explained. “After lots of research online I thankfully found Lorraine Dey and she did an amazing job!” Cara has big plans for the series, hoping that—within five years—the character will have her own float in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. At present, she has a couple of ideas percolating. “My plan is to have ‘Halloween Holly’ help families nationwide and for her to be the new friendly face of Halloween,” Cara stated. “We definitely want to expand the line. It’s really rewarding to hear how my book has helped many other families have a healthier Halloween and how much she is adored.”