Getting rid of fat seems to be pretty hard. You have probably heard about thegolden rule before - take in fewer calories and burn more. It can be easily done by exercising and moving around all day.

Seek company.

Getting a pedometer or starting to use a fitness app to take track of your daily activity can also help a lot. Share your results with your friends, join challenges and be a part of a weight-loss community for more accountability. It is even better to get a real-life weight-loss buddy with whom you can motivate each other. Everything is easier if you don't have to do it alone.

Take every chance to exercise.

Get a gym membership, walkor bike instead of driving, do some yoga during the commercials, sit on a fit-ball, walk your dog every day or move around while talking on the phone.Take the stairs whenever you can. Five minutes of climbing can burn up to 100 calories. If you work in an office, get up and walk around every half an hour.

Eat healthy.

Drink as much water as you can. It helps to clean out your body.Stay away from booze. Most alcoholic beverages contain a massive amount of sugar and are high in calories, especially cocktails and mixed drinks. If you really want to drink something, choose wisely!Replace one of your meals with a protein shake, but stick to sugar-free ones.Avoid saturated fats, refined sugarand white bread, there are plenty of healthier alternatives.

You should also consider going vegan. It is the best choice for your health and by eating plant-based you can also save the life of 200 animals each year. Don't worry about nutrient deficiency, it is actually the easiest to nourish your body properly on a vegan diet. Remember to never starve yourself.

You can lose a huge amount of weight by skipping meals or doing a liquid fast, but it is mostly water and muscle weight, not fat. It meansyou will not look better at all. What is even worse, when you start to eat normally, you are likely to gain back all of the weight within no time.

Take it easy.

Your weight does not define who you are!

If you do your best, you will finally get the results.Do not take any weight-loss pill. They are unlikely to work but they can cause many serious side effects. Try drinking green tea or coffee instead.

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