Swiping, playing games, and searching on tablets are child's play. Using a tablet computer is intuitive even for younger children.

According to HealthDay News, children as young as two can get a huge benefit from using a tablet computer. Using applications specifically designed for small children enables significant child development opportunities.

Made for kids

Parents allow their children to play with their smart phones and tablets an average of 15 minutes per day or more. More and more parents are seeking tablets with interactive games for toddlers.

Amazon Fire tablets come equipped with a programmable lock built specifically for children and other tablet designers are following suit.

Parents have discovered that even their smallest kids quickly learn how to swipe, unlock the screen, and search for features. In addition, kids learn to identify and use specific icons and applications with a minimum of instruction.

Even children as young as 12 months old have been able to use tablet features. Children normally use their sense of touch to explore the world around them. Touch screens seem to be custom made for the youngest of computer users.

Time limits make sense

The American Academy of Pediatrics does recommend limiting screen time for children, especially babies under the age of two.

Parents must also take responsibility for the use and content of applications that their children use.

Since there is no dependable regulatory agency for the use, or development of toddler applications, it is up to parents to supervise the use of tablets, touch screens, smart phones, and other electronic devices.

Too much screen time can be detrimental for children.

Some symptoms of excessive use of electronics include, but are not limited to:

  • inability to sleep well
  • anxiety and depression
  • overeating and obesity

Keep it to two hours

The general recommendation for total screen time per day is about two hours. Children under the age of two should not have any screen time at all. Personal time with developing infants is best.

Computers and televisions should not be placed in children's bedrooms, but should be kept in a family room.