MAC Cosmetics launched a very special fall campaign, called Macnificent Me. Instead of looking for gorgeous models, they looked for normal faces of the people who use their products. They asked their customers to send in pictures of themselves and a small essay of who they are.Out of more than 1,000 applications, six people were selected to be the faces of the new fall campaign, all normal looking people like you and me.

Luzmaria, from Anaheim California, was very insecure because she is a plus-size woman. Looking at her pictures after her make-over, she is the living proof that you don’t have to be a skinny model to be beautiful.

She hopes her pictures will inspire women to be content with their body and don’t hide themselves anymore for not fitting the "beauty image."

Vanessa was struggling with her curly hear but in fact her curls are emphasizing her energy.

Vargas, a transgender from Canada, finally had the courage to use make-up and rediscovered her hope and self-esteem.

Selena, a 46-year old woman from Rome, proves that beauty has no age.

Ben, an Australian guy with an eccentric look, explains that we don’t have to look all the same to fit in.

Ji Won from Korea, stated that she had to step out of her comfort zone to really find herself.

MAC Cosmetics is a Canadian company that originally focused mainly on products for professional make-upartists.

Today they also offer a special range of consumer products which is available worldwide.

Too often, the beauty and fashion industry are working exclusively with gorgeous models. This campaign, using regular people, is recommendable. Make-up is usually presented on beautiful models, which doesn’t relate to the women on the street.

Publicity campaigns like this one are always very much appreciated by the consumers. It should be done more often. This campaign proves that everyone can be beautiful. Real beauty comes from within and it’s more a question of confidence and accepting who you are. The definition of beauty changes with time and it also depends on the society you live in.