The gaming world has been recently hit by the drama which involves Turner "Tfue" Tenney and FaZe Clan. On May 20, 2019, the popular "Fortnite Battle Royale" streamer has filed a lawsuit against the organization that represents him, which has caused a lot of drama over social media. Professional players and fans are divided between supporting Tfue and supporting his organization, while everyone is trying to figure out what the actual truth is.

According to the lawsuit, the professional player claims that his contract is oppressive, one-sided, and somewhat illegal.

He also claims that FaZe Clan pressured him to do several things, including illegal drinking and gambling. When it comes to money, the streamer claims FaZe Clan takes up to 80 percent of the revenue. FaZe Clan owner, Ricky Banks, has decided to respond to Tenney, showing his side of the story.

Banks responds to Tfue in a YouTube video

FaZe Banks was shocked by the news of his friend and colleague filing a lawsuit against his brand. Banks first posted a few tweets before uploading a 21-minute YouTube video which he used as a response to the entire situation. He is shocked and disappointed that Tfue has decided to turn against his organization like this, and he decided to post several things which he claims are the facts about him and Tfue.

The popular streamer claimed how FaZe Clan takes up to 80 percent of revenue, while Banks revealed that the organization has made only $60,000 from him since April 2018, and the player kept all the money made from YouTube, Twitch, and the tournaments he participated in. According to Banks, the revenue split is 80-20 in favor of the streamer.

If what Banks said was true, the company took only around 0.1 percent of Tenney's revenue.

Banks was surprised that Tfue said he was pressured into performing stunts because he was performing them long before joining FaZe Clan. He was also not pressured to drink alcohol as he did it all on his own. The organization owner also mentioned the video that Tfue took down in which he supposedly was drunk at his girlfriend's house.

Speaking of Tfue's girlfriend, it turns out that the streamer moved out of Los Angeles after falling out with her, and for some reason, he blamed FaZe for this.

No forgiveness

Ricky Banks has talked about playing with Tfue and introducing him to the organization. He really liked him and he still considers him the best "Fortnite Battle Royale" player in the world. While we are still waiting for the official statement by Tfue, it seems that Banks is genuinely hurt by his actions. "I'll never forgive you for this, homie," is what the FaZe Clan owner said in the video.