"Anthem," BioWare‘s upcoming multiplayer action role-playing game is about to hit the gaming world, starting this month. The upcoming game is scheduled for worldwide release this coming February 22. As part of the game’s initial release, BioWare released an open demo of the game’s first in-game event.

As mentioned earlier by GameRant, "Anthem’s" demo introduced the video game’s first in-game event, "The Storm" The event has already reached some players. The event is not just part of the game's big marketing effort, however as it also showcases the game’s dynamic open world gaming environment, according to the gaming-focused website.

What's inside 'The Storm'

In the live demo, "The Storm" showed a huge mass of cloud glowing in the sky. Players who have played the game’s Freeplay exploration mode reported some weird weather event along with some strange sounds, followed by this giant firestorm-like thing swirling in the sky. Then, the firestorm darkened the sky and started to kick off fiery debris. In addition to the firestorm weather effect, players of the Freeplay exploration mode will also encounter smaller Ash Titans as well as giant Ancient Ash Titans. All of these encounters will give "Anthem" players a good idea of what to expect from the game’s dynamic open world gaming environment after it releases to the market, according to BioWare.

Unfortunately, not all players who have played the Freeplay have experienced or seen the firestorm weather effect. There are reports that some players who have played Freeplay have not seen any strange weather thing in the sky. The game developer quickly responded to this issue. They posted on Reddit, explaining the issue is that the servers are still rolling over.

One possible solution, according to BioWare, is to load into Freeplay exploration mode at the Tarsis location.

'Anthem' has a confusing marketing campaign

In another "Anthem"-related story, Electronic Arts’ latest marketing strategy could put "Anthem" in serious trouble. BioWare’s upcoming game has come under fire from critics due to a lack of information about release options.

Publisher Electronic Arts has already confirmed the official release date on February 22. The problem is that the game publisher has added some confusing marketing campaign issues, according to Screen Rant.

Instead of having a beta test before a full game release, EA has decided to give players some other options. The company has already posted on Twitter, explaining everything from how to access the new game, to various options and the early access program. Unfortunately, the move has left many players confused and frustrated. EA’s failure to take into account those regional differences along with the needed info has all lead to a huge marketing mess.

"Anthem" will be made available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 22.