FromSoftware, the studio behind the critically-acclaimed "Dark Souls" and popular action RPG "Bloodborne," has finally confirmed reports of adding new games. The studio is reportedly working on two unannounced games. The company also issued an important statement about the recent "Bloodborne" Easter egg incident that has created tons of buzz in the gaming community.

In an interview with gaming-focused website, FromSoftware president Hidetaka Miyazaki made some good conversation about the studio’s development works. When asked by the Japanese gaming website about the two still unannounced titles in development chops, Miyazaki made the confirmation about the two new games.

However, the studio declined to mention additional information about these two unannounced titles. Miyazaki said the development works need more time and they will let the community know once things start to shape up.

Miyazaki confirms reports and explains why Dark Souls and Metal World Chaos are not included

Also in the recent interview, Miyazaki made some good explanation, even discussed what the 3.5 development lines that he mentioned in a June 2016 interview. Miyazaki explained to the gaming website that the 3.5 lines could be broken down into three parts. The VR adventure game "Deracine" (0.5), the recently revealed action-adventure game "Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice" (1.0), and one still unannounced titles (2.0).

In addition, Miyazaki also clarified that the recently released "Dark Souls Remastered" as well as the upcoming "Metal World Chaos XD" is not included in the 3.5 product lines because outside companies and publishers request them. These two titles were originally requested by Japanese game publisher Bandai Namco and the US game developer Devolver Digital.

Miyasaki issues an important statement about the recent Bloodborne event

In other FromSoftware-related stories, FromSoftware president Hideki Miyasaki issued an important statement about the recent "Bloodborne" Easter egg event. He discussed the matter and apologized to the fans, saying that fans shouldn’t read much about the Easter Egg.

He described the recent "Bloodborne" Easter egg event as an overboard and not an indication of work on a "Bloodborne" sequel.

The gaming website Dualshockers has managed to post some important details about the recent event. According to DualShockers, the VR game "Deracine" featured a doll that players could easily find when they performed the Make Contact gesture, which was introduced on the action RPG "Bloodborne." The doll also comes with item description, describing a doll of the stone girl Fiona that appeared in the "unfinished tale." Many gamers believe that this "unfinished tale" is pointing to a sequel of the "Bloodborne" game. Stay tuned to Blasting News for more updates about FromSoftware.