Microsoft just announced that its hit Xbox Game Pass service is being delivered to a new platform. PC gamers will now be able to use the service to download over a hundred top titles, including hit games like "Forza Horizon 4." According to Comic Book, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made the announcement during an earnings call, saying that they would be expanding to the PC so that Windows-based gamers could enjoy the complete Xbox Game Pass service.

Several Xbox games are already compatible with the Windows PC, including releases like "Killer Instinct." Considering that the program already boasts thousands of subscribers, this move by Microsoft will definitely add to it.

The program is expected to make its launch through Window 10's Microsoft store set-up, but specifics were not given about the launch.

Microsoft still quiet on Xbox Game Pass for PC

We still don't know anything about what the video game lineup will be, and whether it will be the same as what is on the current service. Currently not all the titles are compatible, which means Microsoft will need to create some exclusive games to fill the vacuum.

Microsoft has not announced the price. Currently, Origin offers its own on-demand game service. The gaming service is currently $9.99 on the Xbox, but not sure if that would crossover to the Windows platform. They have also not said whether a membership would include both the Xbox One and PC platform, or if multiple subscriptions would be needed.

Game Pass started in May 2017 for Xbox Live Gold subscribers and June 2017 for everyone else. It gave subscribers access to a massive library of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games to play. Games are downloaded, which eliminates lag. Like Netflix and Hulu, games do not stay on the service forever but come and go. Right now there are over 200 titles available including "Gears of War 4" and "Rocket League," among others.

Game Pass headlining X018 event

Video game insiders believe Microsoft will address this new offering during the X018 event, which is scheduled for November 10 and 11 in Mexico City. This event will discuss Microsoft's plans for the end of 2018 and through 2019.

IGN reported that Microsoft recently announced that it's offering Xbox All Access, a monthly installment program, which allows customers buy an Xbox One X, which was unveiled in 2017, or Xbox One S, when they sign a two-year commitment for Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft has also launched its Game Pass app for smartphones, which gives users the ability to remotely install games to their Xbox One.