Epic Games' "Fortnite" grind doesn't seem to stop as update V4.4.1 has just been released where it reinstated the once bugged Shopping Cart and introduced a so-called Player Reporting system for the game's Save the World mode. That said, recent data mined files suggest that there's more to come and a previously vaulted item could be making a comeback, though in another form.

If @FNBRLeaks' data mined intel is anything to go by, the Guided Missile will be seeing the light of day. However, the game files show that this weapon could return as a backpack as one of the strings read "GuidedMissilePack." A 3D render of the weapon was also posted, though it's not certain if this was just from an earlier work.

Remember the Intel and Medic?

Fans might remember that there were data mined files that made the rounds almost a month ago, suggesting that there are nine backpacks that are currently in the works. A couple of them (Intel and Medic Packs) already have some rough image renders, while the so-called Eye of the Storm, was released in the game by accident. Epic even announced back then that it wasn't supposed to be in the game and went on to state that they cannot promise that the said item will ever be rolled out.

The same leaker also tweeted out that another "Fortnite" item is coming down the pipeline. Per the tweet, it looks like Epic could be rolling out a grappling hook in the game. @FNBRLeaks pointed out though that this might take some time as there is "no model for it." Audio files for the upcoming Gas/Stink Grenade were also dug up.

Several sound clips were found within the game files where one of them is the sound when a player is inside the blast radius.

Score Royale

Meanwhile, @TwoEpicBuddies (whose Twitter account was previously hacked) also unearthed another interesting content that is likely to be rolled out real soon in "Fortnite" BR.

Dubbed as Score Royale, the description on this new game mode states that it will reward players who prefer exploring the map and searching for loot. It further explained that the first player to reach/pass the game mode's high score threshold wins the match. The data miners went on to state that this is the first time in a battle royale game that players need not be the last man standing.

"Fortnite" faithful fans are quite curious on how this upcoming game mode would work out. There are some, however, believe that the said game mode sounds so pointless.