"final fantasy" fans, rejoice! If there are any blips in your game collection and you don't mind playing much older games on PC, publisher Square Enix has got your back. In a surprise flash sale, a majority of the renowned J-RPG series from "Final Fantasy III" right the way up to "XIII", are on sale fifty percent off! Even the series' spin off title, "World of Final Fantasy", which is more of a GameBoy Pokemon style game, gets 30 percent off. What makes these deals particularly juicy is the fact that, many of these beloved older titles already come at a reduced price without the discount.

It's a great opportunity for fans to seize upon.

A few things to bear in mind for the Final Fantasy money saver

All of these discounts are exclusive to a PC audience. Sorry, console gamers! As such, it's worth bearing in mind that these discounts will not be available directly through the Steam store. Those who are interested in taking a look for themselves should head over to the official Square Enix online store, where a Steam activation key will be provided upon purchase. Although, Steam is still going to come in handy when considering how best to part with your hard-earned cash. We're not spending much but hey, it's still hard earned cash. As we all know, a majority of these "Final Fantasy" titles arrived on the PC platform far later in their existence.

That means a lot of porting has been done to separate the titles from their original PlayStation exclusivity. Due to the tricky technical nature of porting a game originally designed for consoles, some things can turn out... not quite right. So be sure to take a look at Steam user reviews if you'd like to get an idea for how your selected game will run.

There's nothing worse than having your hype deflated by a shoddy game performance. Lastly, if you're reading this article now, you'll need to act TODAY as the sale will no longer be available tomorrow.

A few great places to start for newcomers

For gamers out there scratching their heads and stroking their beards thoughtfully, trying to decide on where to start with "Final Fantasy" for the first time, there are a few games we can recommend that are guaranteed to provide a lot of fun.

Jumping in at the series' midpoint shouldn't be an issue as the series is renowned for its wildly differing stories and game worlds. "Final Fantasy IX" is widely considered a fan favorite entry in the series and you can't go wrong with its successor, It features a fantastic world to delve into and a great soundtrack to boot. As one of the more modern entries in the series, it still retains all turn-based combat that the series pulls off so well.

If you're interested in taking advantage of this while you still can, make sure you visit Square Enix's official store page for your purchase. Why not take a look at what to expect from the series in the future? Blasting News has coverage on "Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition", "Final Fantasy XVI" and the long awaited "Final Fantasy VII Remake"