For a long time, gamers have known that they would be receiving a third "Tomb Raider," thanks to some leaks. And then about a month ago, a teaser trailer was put out, revealing the date as to when the game comes out (which is September 14).

Now, more details are coming out, with Square Enix announcing the different special editions that can be obtained of "Shadow of the Tomb Raider." Once again, you will be Lara Croft, and you will be going through the final moments that turn Lara into the world-renowned tomb raider she's meant to become.

Everything lost is meant to be found

For the arc's final game, there are four editions that you can choose from and they are Standard, Digital Deluxe, Croft, and Ultimate. The standard edition will be priced at $60, and aside from the actual game, you also get an additional skills booster pack. So when you get the game going, you'll have a solid kick-start to work with. In the Digital Deluxe edition, which is priced at $70, you get the game, the booster pack, the soundtrack of the game, and an additional weapon and outfit. For $10 more, that's not a bad deal at all

In the Croft Edition (a very cool name for a special edition), you get everything that the previous editions include, plus two more outfits, and the season pass.

In the season pass, players get seven challenge tombs, seven weapons, seven outfits, seven skills, multiple narrative missions, and according to IGN, players will also be getting "a new adventure every month." This edition will be available for $90.

And finally, there's the Ultimate Edition. You get everything that the previous editions contain, but in this edition, you get Lara's distinct flashlight, her iconic climbing ax that's in the shape of a bottle opener, and a statue of Lara Croft, readying her machete.

This edition is available for a whopping $200. Here's to hoping they make the climbing ax bottle opener a separate item to purchase.

More information

Whoever pre-orders the Digital Deluxe edition, the Croft edition, and the Ultimate edition, they will have access to the game 48 hours prior to its release date. So if you want a head start to experience this trilogy's finale, reserve a copy today.

According to Tech Radar, the first part of this game starts off with an entire town be destroyed and washed away by a massive tsunami. Talk about an apocalyptic entrance. Since it's very apparent that this game is going to be a lot grittier than the previous installments, it's going to be a wild experience seeing Lara that forged her into the tomb raider everyone knows and loves.