Eight years after the official release of the eighth-most-expensive video game ever developed, ‘Red Dead Redemption,’ the game is being treated to a 4k Update. Fans are rejoicing and praising the update along with gearing up for the long-awaited sequel just on the horizon. Originally created and released for the Xbox 360 back in 2010 the new update comes to users on the Xbox One X platform. With crisper textures, detailed backdrops and characters and an all-around smoother finish, the update is being welcomed with a high amount of fanfare.

What's been updated?

'Red Dead Redemption' was considered a graphically-superior game upon its release for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back on May 18, 2010. But with the Xbox One X update, graphics are the main updated feature in the 'enhanced' version of the enormously popular game. Many fans have rejoiced at the realistic look the game now posses.

Backgrounds are now clearer and have a crisper look that allows you to see what is happening. NPC's movements are smoother along with the main character's, the fluidity of the movements are easier to follow. Textures were revamped, giving it an even more realistic look that aids you in getting lost in the atmosphere and landscape as much as you get lost in the story.

Videos like the one below show the differences and enhancements made to the Xbox One X version of the game. The transformation from Xbox 360 to Xbox One X is one that is being praised all around the fanbase and the Internet gaming community.

New update just on the horizon of the long-awaited sequel?

With 'Red Dead Redemption 2's updated release date now being set for October 26, 2018, many speculate that the Xbox One X update is a way to bring more fans in for the sequel.

But for now, it is just seen as pure speculation as Microsoft has other games set up for the 'enhanced' treatment that its predecessor was just given.

If anything it seems that this update comes just in time to prepare fans to get back into the story that started it all to be prepared for the second installment of the series.

And while the long-awaited sequel has had its fair share of pushbacks and delays on a release date it is now set to release for October 2018; fans can't help but feel their excitement growing for the long-awaited sequel.

'Red Dead Redemption 2' drops later this year on October 26, 2018, eight years after the original release of 'Red Dead Redemption.'