If you're not one of the two million "HQuties" you need to download this free app right away. "HQ" is available on iOS and Android at no charge. What's better than earning free money? If you think you're a trivia head and know a thing or two you should download this now and take your chances. If you miss a question, though, you may still stay and watch and learn.

Originally created in August for iOS, it didn't take long to come to Android -- released at the end of December 2017. Host Scott Rogowsky has become a superstar to "HQuties" everywhere.

His unique delivery and ability to ramble and chat about pop culture with humor is a true talent, and the fans love him for it. I instantly was attached to "HQ" for the trivia but stayed because of Mr. Rogowsky.

'HQ' guest host Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

"HQ" has risen in popularity virtually overnight and it's hard to deny. This week, the one, the only Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson himself guest hosted alongside Scott Rogowsky and fans went crazy! Live hosting takes a certain personality and of course, Johnson brought nothing but the best with him. He began with a short act of thinking he was on a set and requested multiple takes during a live broadcast. Within minutes, Rogowsky emerged from behind Johnson's massive frame and the chatroom went crazy!

For this special episode, they increased the number of questions to fifteen and of course, they were more difficult. However, if you got to the end, winners would split a grand prize pot of $300,000! By far the biggest prize so far in the live trivia show.

Johnson was there to have fun and also promote his new film "Rampage," in theaters April 13, 2018.

Why you should try it, and invite your friends

"HQ" has amassed two million players.

Reasons to at least try include no risk, learning experience, and money. You can download it and it costs nothing to play, just sign in and receive updates when live shows are about to begin. You can learn a lot about everything, and the trivia has no themes so you're sure to learn something each day. If you make it through to the end of the trivia, you win money!

They reward you for inviting friends as well. For every friend you invite you'll receive an Extra Life you can use if you miss a question. If you miss a question, just click continue before time expires and you'll automatically move to the next question.

What are you waiting for? Get on "HQ" now and start playing to win some money.