Still have the football itch? You can scratch it with "Madden 18" until the latest edition releases this summer. I've been feeding my NFL addiction with "Madden" since the season ended when an ad popped up on my Facebook feed. is the world's number one "Madden" betting site and you can start now for as little as a ten dollar deposit. Players must have a PayPal account. Play with people from around the world for real cash on PS4 or Xbox One. You can play one-on-one or join a tournament, the choice is yours.

Rules and conduct

Like anything else, Maddensnap has rules to follow and adhere to.

Players are subject to fines, suspension, or expulsion from the league when they violate any rules. There is absolutely no tolerance for verbal abuse. Any messages or chat in or outside any game can come back to you. Be a good sport, if you lose, be respectful, and if you win, do not gloat about it to the other players.

Obviously, any form of hacking or cheating is strictly prohibited. When you are caught you will most definitely be expelled from the league. Players will also have to use in-game playbooks, no custom playbooks, unfortunately. Only one account can be used per player and any and all side bets are not allowed. You can bet what you want through the site, and that is it.

These are some pretty simple rules to follow and if you're a decent "Madden" player, you could most likely turn a decent profit from playing and winning games.

Getting sponsored

So you think you're a pretty good "Madden" player? You could have the opportunity to become a sponsored player. After winning five games in a row, you can submit for a sponsorship. If sponsored, Maddensnap will cover your bets from now on until you lose. However, for your five win streak, they will take your average bet amounts and match that.

For instance, if your average bet amount is ten dollars, they will cover your entry fees up to ten dollars, no more.

Sponsored players will be considered under contract, and will pay a fifteen percent fee to Maddensnap until they lose. That's not so bad for a free entry, though. If you enter a ten dollar bet, and win. You have your fee covered and you win $8.50.

When and if a sponsored player's run comes to an end, on their last match they will not actually lose any Money. Maddensnap will cover the entry fee and considers this an insurance bet. Players that excel and frequently win and earn sponsorships may be asked to perform in real tournaments.

Do you think you have what it takes to beat players around the world?