Google is trying to develop a new subscription-based service which is related to game streaming. According to a report from The Information, this game streaming service is delivered to a compatible Google’s Chromecast platform or released via a brand-new Google home console.

This new plan of game streaming service is codenamed Yeti. This service is similar to GeForce NOW and Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming services.

Exclusive Google Yeti service

The most interesting part is that the users can stream the game from a server without downloading the software.

So, this Yeti service is different from the existing game offerings like Microsoft’s Xbox Games Pass. We can download unlimited numbers of games for a monthly based subscription.

We might also get a chance to play games on this streaming service which can also be played Google’s own game console in 2018. An early version of this game streaming service was planned to run over a Chromecast which is good but it is not clear how a game controller ties up to a Chromecast.

Types of games offered by Google Yeti

It is not cleared that whether Google will only focus on Android games for a customer’s Television, as it becomes very easy to play Android games on a Television with mirroring technology or existing casting.

Like Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, Google’s Chromecast might also play mobile based party games straight from the device.

We can assume that Yeti service is focused on a low-effort and low-cost streaming service for playing multiple numbers of games on a TV which is highly required by a huge number of game-loving audience. Games that are compatible with Yeti are yet to be known.

It may be like PC-type games or can also be android type game.

Special service made by Google program

Google is developing its own console for streaming games and it is included in the Made by Google program. This program also includes Google Pixel 2 (Smartphone), Chromecast and smart spear Google Home. The Made by Google game streaming service and the console could have released in 2017 but 9to5 Google’s forwarded idea delays it to 2018.

According to the report from The Information, Google has been trying to make a gaming service for years but unfortunately has failed to develop a play-style which can compete with Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony. The company has its own Chromecast and Android which are very easily accessible game playing platforms with a low cost and are also very popular. Moreover, it also owns YouTube, a leading platform for pre-recorded videos (game) and now is developing live streaming videos in twitch-style as well.

The Information notes that the essential resources of gaming projects have never been given priority by senior executives of Google and they not paying much attention to growing. However, to straighten the possibility of future success of game streaming, Google hired Phil Harrison who is a gaming industry veteran.

Phil Harrison has enormous experience in the field of PlayStation and Xbox.

When will Google Yeti be accessible?

The exact time of launching Yeti has not been revealed until now, but the GDC i.e. Games Developers Conference said it will start on March 19, 2018, in San Francisco. By that time more information about Yeti might be revealed.