The latest updates for "Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite" reveal the possibility of Season 2 DLC characters on the roster. Reddit username "Leakileaks" claims to have information about the new DLC fighters and it will include the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and more Capcom based characters.

Video game fans were disappointed about the sequel's lack of playable characters as veteran fighters like Wolverine and Doctor Doom are absent from the roster. Capcom will also reveal the reason behind the game's visual design.

Season 2 DLC characters coming soon

According to Leakileaks, the Season 2 Marvel characters for "MvC: Infinite" include Star-Lord, Ms.

Marvel Kamala Khan, Doctor Doom, Green Goblin, Deadpool, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Magneto, Psylocke, Deadpool, and Daredevil. For the Capcom side, they are Asura, Lady, Rashid, Gill, Nina, Deis, Regina, Gene, Akuma, Captain Commando, Vergil, and Apollo Justice.

While Capcom has not yet commented on the leaked DLC details for "Infinite," video game fans are hoping that the leaks are legitimate as they are happy that characters outside of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are being added to the sequel's roster.

The first batch of DLC fighters includes Sigma, Monster Hunter, Black Panther, Black Widow, Venom, and Winter Soldier. The character designs for Black Widow and Winter Soldier are based on their movie counterparts, while Venom retains his look from the comics.

Fans are patiently waiting for the game developers to launch a new gameplay trailer featuring these three characters before the end of the year.

'MvC: Infinite's' visual design

According to Capcom's development report, the reason why the sequel's visual design looks that way because they want to impress North American audiences, and they have have been consulting with Marvel Games about its development.

"These discussions focused on not only core story and game elements but also tailoring the game to each market through meticulously fine-tuning the game's art, animations, and other elements to better reflect North American trends that differ from those in Japan," Capcom wrote.

Game producer Mike Evans noted that the game has a "cinematic" look to it as the Marvel characters resemble their MCU counterparts more than the comics.

For now, the game developers will launch three new DLC character costumes for the game and each pack will cost around $11.99 USD. But players can buy them individually for $3.99 USD, or get them all at once for $29.99 USD.