In late September, the second installment of "Total War: warhammer" reached Steam libraries all over the world. "The Total War: Warhammer" games are, of course, Creative Assembly's first foray into the fantasy genre with their award winning strategy series. Traditionally a series based in historical events, this jump into the fantastical realm has seemingly revitalized the franchise. Many who have played either the first or second installment have issued the notion that the "Total War" formula seems to be a match made in heaven when combined with the extensive lore of "Warhammer Fantasy."

Perhaps the primary selling point of the second game was the announcement of the combined map mode, now a free update titled "Mortal Empires," which brings the already ambitious vision of the "Total War" games to new heights.

"Mortal Empires" will combine the campaign maps of "Total War: Warhammer" I and II, making what we can assume will be the grandest campaign experience yet. Not only will the map be larger than ever, but players will be able to take command of any of their favorite factions that have been released in either game so far. This meant that fans of the Dwarfs (from the first game) will be able to put their stout hearts to the test against the sadistic Dark Elves, or the savage Skaven (exclusive to game two). The "Total War" team released a "Mortal Empires" trailer on their official YouTube channel this Thursday.

So, why is this exciting?

Admittedly, if you are not a fan of Creative Assembly's formula, or grand strategy games, this influx of features probably will not change your mind.

If there were a prominent criticism of "Total War: Warhammer II," it would be that the game is very much "more of the same." Although there are plenty of improvements to the user interface and quality of life features, the overall experience is not going to make a blind man see.

However, if you do have interest in strategy games, commanding giant armies of rats or Lizardmen, or witnessing legendary heroes clash on the field of battle, then there has never been a better time to jump in.

The combined map campaign will presumably take one of the most intriguing aspects of "Total War," and further it. With even more factions and lands to engage with in diplomacy, subterfuge, and war, it can be anticipated that no campaign will ever be quite the same as another.

With "Mortal Empires" just around the corner, Creative Assembly released an infographic on their Facebook this week detailing just how content-rich this free update will be.

Total upgrade

With all of these details in mind, the team behind "Total War: Warhammer II" seems to have one goal in mind: continue redefining the meaning of "Total War." Perhaps they'll have to go back to previous titles and rename them "Half War," or "Ordinary War," or something similar.

"Mortal Empires" will be available as a free update to all owners of the first two games on October 26th, 2017.