The Nintendo Switch is not quite done for the year, despite just releasing one of the best-reviewed games of the last few months in "Super Mario Odyssey." Nintendo has a few highly anticipated titles set to drop during November, even if there are not too many games coming out.

Let us take a quick look at what titles are set to launch on the Nintendo Switch during the penultimate month of the year. The following releases were confirmed in reports by Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch and Bethesda's 'Doom'

Bethesda has largely shied away from Nintendo's recent consoles, although things seem set to change with the Nintendo Switch.

The first game scheduled to launch is id Software's "Doom" on November 10. One of the best single-player experiences of recent years, this gory and over-the-top FPS does not exactly reflect the family-friendly image associated with Nintendo.

Still, "Doom" is a welcome addition, as it opens the Japanese company's current generation console to a wider audience. The Wii generations were not equipped to handle Bethesda's recent outings, but the Nintendo Switch has a bit more power under the hood.

"Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus" is also scheduled to be ported over to Nintendo's hybrid console sometime in 2018, so "Doom" is not just a special occasion.

Bethesda's FPS will cost $59.99.

'Sonic' returns to a Nintendo console

"Sonic Forces" is the latest entry in Sonic team's franchise to try and modernize the speedy hedgehog. After "Sonic Mania" proved to be an enjoyable send-off to the classic 2D games, the upcoming big-budget release combines different eras to try and create something worthwhile. The Nintendo Switch version launches on November 7 for $39.99.

Recently, a Japanese demo was made available to "Sonic Forces," which is getting mixed reviews due to instilling a 60-second limit on each platform and some rigid controls. "Sonic Generations" is one of the better recent entries in the franchise, but it remains to be seen whether "Forces" is worth anything.

Rockstar coming to the Nintendo Switch

Rockstar Games is actually porting one of their adult-oriented games onto a Nintendo console. Despite some rare exceptions like "Bully" and "Manhunt 2," the publisher tends to stick to Microsoft, PC, and Sony. The upcoming re-release of "L.A. Noire" for the Nintendo Switch is the first title in over seven years to be ported to one of the Japanese company's consoles.

Priced at $49.99, players can pick up this crime-adventure game beginning November 14. Whether Rockstar Games continues to develop projects for the Nintendo Switch could depend on "L.A. Noire's" success.