"Rogue Trooper Redux" is a remaster of the classic sci-fi shooter "Rogue Trooper," which was released back in 2006 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. It was later even ported to Nintendo's Wii console.

As we live in an age defined by nostalgia and remasters and this third-person shooter is coming to the current generation. The "Redux" version is set to be released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch: with the latter, expected to be released at a later date.

The publisher behind "Rogue Trooper Redux," Rebellion Developments, confirmed that they have completed the required work for Nintendo's version earlier than anticipated.

Due to this unexpected turn of events, the remaster will be available on all platforms from the same date.

A retrospective

Based on a science fiction strip created by Gerry Finley-Da and Dave Gibbons, which was published in the British comic 2000 AD, "Rogue Trooper" is set in an alternative universe, on a planet called Nu-Earth. This world is defined by a constant war between the North and South, causing the death of millions of people. Due to the heavy employment of chemical warfare, most of the planet is coated with a poisonous atmosphere. Eventually, the Southers manage to develop an immunity to this poison, ensuring that they would be the superior race.

Unfortunately, the Southers are betrayed by one of their own, resulting in a massacre.

"Rogue Trooper" follows the only surviving member of that doomed troop, as he tries to get revenge for his fallen comrades.

The original game was well received upon release, with Gordon Rennie's screenplay being nominated for a BAFTA Games Award. It was praised for the variety offered in the gameplay, as the set pieces and level design set it apart from its competition.

Worth revisiting?

The above trailer should give a good indication of what one should expect with "Rogue Trooper Redux." It seems to be a solid remaster, and since the original has aged quite well, the gameplay should hold up. Priced at $24.78 for the Nintendo Switch, there is hardly an overabundance of shooters on the Japanese Company's latest console.

Due to this lack of competition, it is hard to not recommend this re-release. Fans of the original who have been aching for a revisit should definitely give this a shot.

It is important to remember that "Rogue Trooper" is more than a decade old by this point, so the content is not going to feel fresh or groundbreaking. Still, it was a good game when it came out and is still a fun time.