"Xenoblade Chronicles 2" is one of the most highly anticipated sequels of the year, and a standout title for the Nintendo Switch. Developed by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo themselves, "Xenoblade Chronicles 2" is a sequel to the original game released on the Wii in 2010.

During the company's online showcase event, it was announced that the action role-playing video game will be released on December 1, 2017.

A retrospective

The first "Xenoblade Chronicles" earned a lot of praise upon its release, with most critics loving the open world and engaging storyline.

It really did improve as it went along, with the 50+ hour campaign managing to remain engaging throughout its long runtime. It was an impressive title, to say the least.

A spiritual successor was released for the Wii U, entitled "Xenoblade Chronicles X." Despite being an entirely new game, it was not a direct sequel to the original, as it took place on an entirely new planet. It shares common themes and similar gameplay to the previous entries in the franchise but was largely seen as a stand alone product.

Like the previous game, "Xenoblade Chronicles X" received very positive reviews upon its release, with most considering it a step forward in terms of gameplay. Although its average critical score failed to reach the incredible heights of the first "Chronicles" title, it still ended up being one of the best games on the Wii U.

What to expect in the sequel?

Although the upcoming game is being advertised as a direct sequel to the first "Xenoblade Chronicles," the story will be set in an entirely new world. A new set of characters will be introduced, including the protagonist Rex, as they head out on a quest to try and locate a paradise for humans.

Unlike most Japanese games, "Xenoblade Chronicles 2" is set for a worldwide release this December.

Due to it being available to everyone at the same time, we do not have any Japanese reviews to hint at the quality of the product. Gaming sites were allowed to test the upcoming Japanese RPG during Gamescom, where it was largely well received.

The MMO inspired combat remains, although initial impressions suggest that it has been streamlined to deliver a more enjoyable and long lasting experience.

The previous titles offered huge open worlds to explore, with the sequel being no exception. Combos are a huge part of any battle, although they do seem to require genuine dedication and hard work to pull off.