Mario, who is usually seen in his blue and red outfit took on a new appearance on Wednesday morning, Bustle reported. Mario was seen running along the sunny shore, wearing nothing but his red polka dot swimming trunks and his iconic red hat. Internet users were quick to react to Mario's new outfit.

The purpose of this picture is for the promotion of the upcoming game "Super Mario Odyssey" which will be posted on Nintendo Switch. In fact, there are two photos of this promotion, one with Mario wearing winter clothes on a frozen track, and the other one with Mario running along the shore.

To no one's surprise, the Shirtless image of Mario got more attention.

You can't unsee this

The picture tweeted by the Nintendo of America spiked the public's interest about Mario's nipples. Mario received a lot of outfit changes in many games before. But he never had shirtless exposure before, and because of this, the whole fan base was shocked.

Mario's unseen human part is not intended to be the focus of Nintendo's photo promotion. It never meant to ruin your childhood memories (if that's what happened to you).

The picture is aimed to introduce the new feature of "Super Mario Odyssey" which is the Photo Mode. While in-game, you can now press the Down button on the d-pad and control the camera before snapping a screenshot.

Even the HUD of the game would vanish when in the Photo Mode to give the player a clean preview of his screenshot.

There are also available filters that can be used for the screenshots. One of them is the filter that enables you to make the image resemble the Game Boy or SNES ambiance.

Reactions to the shirtless Mario picture

Twitter reactions exploded on Twitter just after the release of the photo. The initial reaction of the mob was "shock." Some say Mario should not be seen shirtless at all.

Mario has been portrayed shirtless before in an old game, but because of technological improvements, the pixelated shirtless Mario received less controversy than the recent one.

Some tweets suggest Luigi should have this version of the shirtless picture too. And surprisingly, some fans are wondering why Yoshi doesn't have nipples.Well for the starters, Yoshi is a dinosaur. Dinosaurs are not mammals and don't need mammary glands to raise their offsprings.

"Super Mario Odyssey" is slated for release on October 27. Nintendo Switch bundled with the game will also be available. Until then, let's make wait for the upcoming Mario Meme Maker feature.