As "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds" gets more and more popular, the company behind the game has had to deal with a new kind of player. "PUBG" has seen a dramatic rise in players who are finding ways to get around the system. These cheaters are becoming more prevalent all the time.

In order to deal with these cheaters, "PUBG" has had to start banning people at a rather breakneck pace. While the game is still technically in early access on Steam, it has sold over 10 million units. As Engadget reports, the game has banned more than 150,000 players since it launched back in March.

The pace of just how many cheaters are getting banned has really ramped up, with just 8,000 players getting banned over one 24-hour period in the last week.

50,000 cheaters kicked out of 'PUBG' in August

As more people have jumped into "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds" since the March launch, there have been a ton of people getting kicked out. Developer Bluehole Creative announced that they had kicked out 50,000 "PUBG" players in the month of August alone.

While the massive rise in people who are getting booted shows that the anti-cheating platform BattlEye is doing its job, it also shows that Bluehole is struggling to keep up with the number of people who are signing up. It's a safe bet that the number of people who are signing up to play the game is only going to increase exponentially as "PUBG" get's closer to its full and official launch.

Having spent months in early access, Bluehole creative has long said it expects to launch a full version of the game before the end of the year. The game is also coming to the Xbox One this fall. There aren't any dates known when "PUBG" is going to get the full launch on Steam but it seems as though it will be sooner, rather than later.

One million players inside 'Player Unknown's Battlegrounds'

With Bluehole saying there are one million people currently playing the battle royale shooter, there are bound to be people who are looking for better ways to be the last man standing. These kinds of online shooters are always going to have to deal with cheaters. Games like "Overwatch" have found new and interesting ways to deal with their own cheaters.

"PUBG" has simply been in the unique position where the popularity of the title came out of nowhere. It was less than a year ago that no one had ever heard of the game. That quick rise in popularity has made the developers of "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds" adapt quickly.