NES owners will most likely remember a game released in 1984, simply titled 'Golf.' The game became quite popular among the people who loved the real sport. Now a new rumor states that 'Golf' is hidden inside every Nintendo Switch console in existence. Modders have discovered that a copy of the game along with an NES emulator is secretly placed inside the hybrid console's file system.

Where is 'Golf' on Nintendo Switch?

According to, users noticed the file for the 1984 classic game inside the console. It is revealed that in July, users discovered a file named 'flog' in the system.

The website details that this file may contain the NES emulator for Switch consoles. However, flog is actually 'Golf' which has been emulated for the Switch console, so that it works with the newer control schemes of the device.

A modder named Yellows8 detailed how the game is hidden across all Switch console units and that the game is present on the system from the very first version of the Switch's software, which means that the 'Golf' files have remained hidden from Switch 1.0 OS. Even more surprising is the fact that the game has been modified in such a way, as to work with the Joy-Con controllers that come with the Switch consoles. Furthermore, the motion sensor controls are also compatible with the hidden 'Golf' version found in Switch.

Previously, Nintendo has released their older games on the newer platforms, but in those cases, nothing was changed in the original game. However, this time around, Nintendo has specifically worked on the 'Golf' game to adapt it for the Switch consoles. One has to wonder why Nintendo left the 'Golf' game hidden in the console, even though the company has specifically worked on it.

The folks at Polygon reached out to Nintendo regarding this Hidden Game and NES emulator inside the hybrid console. The company said that it is looking into these claims. This may mean that Nintendo will release a statement about the same at a later point in time. It may also be a hint that 'Golf' will be a free addition once the company launches the Switch Virtual Console.

How to access 'Golf' on Switch?

Hacker Yellows8 claims to have played the game on a Switch using Joy-Con controllers, but he did not elaborate on how others could access the game. This suggests that it may require hacking or advanced technical know-how to get to the hidden game. So, most Switch owners will have to wait until Nintendo officially brings 'Golf' into the new console.