Santa Monica Studios is revealing more news on the upcoming God Of WarPS4 game. The game will have more relevance to the Norse Mythology – they previously focused on Greek – and the character Kratos will still be the protagonist. Plus, his son may just be the biggest favorite in the game.

In a podcast interview, director and writer of God of War PS4, Cory Barlog, shared some details about what Kratos and his son, Atreus, can do in the game. It has a lot to do with magic and runes. Atreus knows a wide range of incantations to summon magic. He can translate runes which could be helpful for solving puzzles.

Atreus instills magic in ‘God of War’ PS4

In a situation where Kratos and Atreus are in dire need of help, Atreus can use his power to instill magic in people. With this, it is possible that he can call several people (or maybe an army) to help them take the victory in a battle.

With Kratos’ size looming over Atreus’ small shape, many were wondering if he is going to be useful or not. Perhaps this insight of his capabilities may inspire fans to purchase the game next year.

Aside from magical spells, Atreus may also play a big role in the whole plot. The developers will slowly give significance to Kratos’ son in the story through battles and acquiring items. Perhaps the identity of her mother will be an interesting addition.

The character will perform the magic through earthy methods that involve touching the ground. To make the return of magic in God of War more interesting, they will be called upon with the use of a new language.

Santa Monica Studios want the fans of 'God of War' to be satisfied with the latest updates

God of War uses the Elder Futhark language – the oldest form of the runic alphabet.

And since Barlog mentioned that there are going to be nine realms, it will also have its own difference per realm.

In most parts of the game, Atreus’ involvement will be required. Now that they are in the Nordic realm, magic and incantations are what they will need to make it through the end.

Based on the images that were recently released, it looks like we will not be disappointed with the concept art and the features alone.

The deadly weapons will still be there but an additional source of power is not so bad.

God of WarPS4 will be out early next year along with the father and son tandem. Soon, the fans of the phenomenal game will be able to enjoy the newest updates from the producers of the game.