Fans of Capcom's highly popular "Monster Hunter" series have generally praised the franchise's different games for their challenging hunting mechanics and completely open-ended gameplay system. However, the company has now created a spin-off of the series, titled "Monster Hunter Stories," that somewhat diverges from its standard formula. The brand new game, which is now available on the Nintendo 3Ds in North America and Europe, seems to follow the basic core gameplay mechanics of the "Pokemon" series as evident in its new Art Style and monster training system.

Toned-down art style

Unlike the other games within the "Monster Hunter" franchise, the brand new spin-off title now features a somewhat cartoonish art style that is both colorful and enticing to younger audiences. However, this doesn't really mean that there isn't anything for series veterans. Capcom recently released a new trailer to further showcase the vibrant new characters and environments of the game, which was also meant to celebrate its final release to the western markets. The game itself was originally released in Japan for the 3DS back in October 2016.

Check out the game's recently published launch trailer below.

Easier gameplay

For "Monster Hunter Stories," the developers of the game have chosen to completely eliminate the need to hunt down different monsters and collect their remains to craft new gear.

Instead, players are now tasked to hatch the monster's eggs and raise the creatures to become their companions. After taming and training the creatures, the "Monster Riders" can then use them as mounts to get around the game's different worlds or use them in turn-based battles against other monsters and riders.

A different experience

Based on what has been released about the game so far, it would be safe to assume that "Monster Hunter Stories" will be an entirely different experience for old and new gamers. Unlike the other titles in the original franchise, the game will be more focused on its story and the development of the different characters.

Previous games never really dove into the back story or the development of any of its characters and only focused mainly on the hunt and the creation of better weapons and armor.

With the launch of the game, Capcom has also released a new set of Amiibo figurines that can be used with the game. Another set of figurines is also set to be launched within the next two months.