Sony recently unveiled PlayStation 4 5.0 system update’s latest features. The new PS4 update will come along with new family controls, new live gameplay broadcasts features, improved notifications, among others.

The video game developer has launched new features in the PS4 5.0 system update to ensure that the PlayStation Network (PSN) will be more family-friendly. The tech giant has added the new Family Manager to allow PS4 users to setup PlayStation Network accounts for their children, and would allow parents to set parental control levels, according to PlayStation Blog.

Users can also customize the parental controls, which includes restricting video games with online access.

For PS4 Pro owners, the new update will bring broadcasting games through Twitch at 60fps in 1080p resolution.

However, the PS4 5.0 system update brings in the new Custom Lists tab to replace the Favorite Groups tab. This new feature will allow PS4 users to create their own friends list and can organize them in certain groups.

Improved live broadcasts

The PlayStation 4 5.0 system update improved the live broadcasts. The PS4 5.0 update now allows users to connect the community to the live gameplay. When live broadcast and community are linked, the community button will pop up on the Live of the screen.

According to Gamespot, the PS4 5.0 update improved the notifications when watching TV as well as films. Users can now deactivate notification and message pop-ups while watching media. Users can also control the amount of messages being displayed.

Quick Menu improvements

The Quick Menu in the gaming console has also been updated, in which users can now view additional notifications.

The improvements in the Quick Menu include the new invitations as well as the download progress. The Quick Menu now has a Leave Party option, where users can leave a party and would be able to play their game.

Furthermore, the PS4 5.0 system update comes along with a new tournaments bracket viewer. The update also added languages for the user interface, such as Vietnamese, Hungarian, Greek, Czech and Romanian.

Meanwhile, the tech company also announced that select users, who are beta program members, would be able to try out the update’s beta version. Sony will email the chosen users with instructions on how to install the update.

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