It is almost like Nintendo does not realize just how in-demand their consoles are. Sure, the WII U undersold, but that was due to poor marketing and not people suddenly not wanting to own a Nintendo product. The Switch is selling like hot cakes, despite launching with only one, admittedly fantastic, game.

When the company decided to release the NES Classic, nobody could have predicted the PR disaster it would end up being. Let us be clear, it has nothing to do with the hardware itself - as it was fine - but the ridiculously short supply available to purchase.

We live in the age of nostalgia, and no other brand holds as big a place in our collective hearts as Nintendo. Yet, due to the shortage created for the console, people had to turn to scalpers on eBay if they wanted one.

SNES Classic sells out in under five minutes

For some reason, the first set of pre-orders launched at 1 a.m. ET on Amazon and Best Buy. Obviously, most people were still asleep at the time. As the sun rose over America and people prepared for another long day, they were greeted with the knowledge that the SNES Classic had already sold out. It was frustrating, as the only people who could have purchased the product were night owls or bots set by scalpers to pick up any highly wanted products.

Obviously, eBay is currently filled with over-priced SNES Classics that can be purchased for over $200. Its actual price is $79.99. Congratulations Nintendo, you created another situation where your true fans can easily be taken advantage of.

To their credit, they did try to amend the situation by revealing that pre-orders will be available at 1 p.m.

ET from other retailers. This time, there will be a substantial amount available. After selling out within minutes, it seems like Nintendo continue to underestimate just how popular they are in the west. The SNES Classic is not some collector's item that only a select few would even think about buying, it is a large part of most people's childhood and something which contains a lot of emotional value for a large number of people.

People who grew up on the console and now have jobs, meaning they might actually be able to afford to buy it straight away.

Shady GameStop

Scalpers are not the only ones taking advantage of the situation, as retailers are creating higher priced bundles as they know people will pre-order it just to get the console. Increasing the price by $20 or even $40, these versions throw in a useless item like a chess game just for the sake of it.