Hacker group OurMine claims to have successfully breached the Playstation Network and Sony's Twitter account, according to a report from the Business Insider. The group also breached through the official Twitter accounts of Sony PlayStation, where it announced its hacking by posting on the social media platform.

The PlayStation Network is the platform for the PlayStation 4 game console. It is where PS4 collects all digital store items by Sony and online gaming data. Users of the PS4 device online, automatically, open up the Playstation Network.

Hacker group OurMine reportedly stole specific information from the network.

Shortly after OurMine took over Sony's Twitter account, the company was able to regain control of the account and removed the tweets.

The hackers allegedly stole registration data, such as emails and usernames, but they have no plans to release them. OurMine told the business-oriented website that they work as a security group, and were showing their work to Sony. The company, reportedly, did not respond concerning the alleged breach of the PS4 and PlayStation Network.

Elite hacker group

According to the hackers’ official website, their team is a group of “elite hackers” who breach through weak security systems such as the PlayStation Network. The group usually hacks services that major companies operate, and publicize the results of the hacking.

Then, they will offer their security products to the companies that they have victimized.

The group also provides security tips to companies. They also offer security assistance for accounts in order to maximize the potential of these accounts, their official website added.

Some surprises from Sony

In a report on Game Spot, Sony tweeted that they are preparing to reveal new products to its customers.

The company tweeted a GIF post indicating a big surprise coming underway. The tweet was shared across various other social media platforms as well.

According to the report, it will be a special edition game console that will be sold across various markets around the world. The new system is allegedly themed for Gran Turismo, and the company will offer a special controller along with the special edition console.

However, Game Spot further mentioned that they are not yet totally certain if these were indeed the surprises that Sony talked about on its tweets. The new systems are rumored to be released mainly in Europe.