Ubisoft's "For Honor" released just this February has players losing interest in the hack and slash game. This is the latest news reported by PC Gamer, which reveals that a huge chunk of the game's player base on PC has seemed to stop playing. This may not come as a surprise to some, as there has been quite a steady decrease in players since the game launched earlier this year.

The Ubisoft hack and slash game have been troubling for players thanks to its connection and server issues, which the studio has not provided a solution for just yet. As many as 36 percent of players have out of the game between its beta and launch dates, which makes sense, given that players need to invest about $60 for the full game.

However, the drop is continuing, which is concerning for such a new game.

Ubisoft game loses 95 percent of Steam players

According to VG247, "For Honor" achieved a high of 45,000 players but it soon tapered off until the new "Shadow and Might" DLC was released. Of course, interest decreased following the DLC release, so it was expected that player count dropped after that as well. Players should note, however, that the 95% decrease in players in only for those who purchased the game via Steam and does not account for those playing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

'Shadow and Might' DLC released

In May, Ubisoft released the "Shadow and Might" DLC for "For Honor," which featured two new heroes, two new battlefields, and some changes to its game modes.

Players were introduced to two new heroes, namely the Centurion from the Knights faction and the Shinobi from the Samurai faction. Players also got to explore the new Forge and Temple Garden maps, which provided a fresh new backdrop to the hack and slash game. Along with the DLC came the patch, which increased the XP for Duel, Brawl, Elimination, Skirmish, and Dominion matches.

Those who play "For Honor" on PC also noticed some changes in terms of control and user interface.

More weekly content to arrive this month

It's easy to assume that Ubisoft is now rolling out new content every week to help attract more gamers to play "For Honor." In a recent blog post, the studio outlined how players should expect more Outfits, Emotes, Executions, and other awesome new content will be unveiled every week beginning June 1.

Players should also look forward to the Public Test Server, where new content will be rolled out before it hits the general public. Meanwhile, "For Honor" players should also look forward to the third season of the game, which is slated to arrive this August.