This September, fans of the "Dishonored" franchise can get their hands on the "Death of the Outsider" standalone expansion, which finds the characters of the game two months after the events of "Dishonored 2." In it, Billie Lurk makes her way back to Karnaca to team up with her mentor, the legendary assassin Daud. The standalone expansion will also delve more into the Outsider's back story and just why Billie and Daud are after him. But more than just that story arc, the upcoming expansion will also feature several missions that Billie can take on during her journey.

Bethesda recently took to their blog to talk more about "Death of the Outsider" and its contract system.

Billie Lurk's various missions detailed

Bethesda described "Dishonored 2" character Billie Lurk as someone who "spent her whole life in the shadows." In contrast to Corvo Attano and Emily Kaldwin, Billie is used to the hard life and will do everything in her power to survive. Creative director Harvey Smith explained that the character had undergone "major changes" and has now become a "supernatural operative." But unlike Emily and Corvo, Billie is an assassin who believes that "some people just need killing...there's no other way."

Lurk as a hired gun

In "Dishonored 2"'s "Death of the Outsider," Billie Lurk returns to Karnaca, where she will participate in some side objectives as a breather from her main mission of the game.

The character will be rewarded for her efforts and will learn new information from her side missions. Just like Daud's Favors, Billie's Contracts will serve as a "new featurette" in the game. Creative director Harvey Smith explained that these Contracts "can be found and undertaken in black market shops across Karnaca.

They’re often stranger in nature than most 'Dishonored' missions."

Four contracts to complete

In the upcoming "Dishonored 2" standalone expansion "Death of the Outsider," Billie Lurk will encounter four new Contracts that she can participate in, PlayStation Lifestyle reported. The first one is called "Kidnap the Bartender," which is pretty self-explanatory.

She'll need to abduct a bartender working at the Spector Club, which is run by Eyeless. She has to deliver him to a crate on top of a roof alive. For "Death to the Mime," Billie will have to eliminate a mime and make the crime look like an accident. In "Workplace Harassment," Billie will help a bank employee find a woman who has been bullying and threatening them and wipe her and her colleagues off the face of the planet. Lastly, there's "The Missing Brother," in which Billie must search the Spector Club to find a missing man and bring him to his brother's cabin by the canal. "Death of the Outsider" arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 15.