The Call of Duty franchise returns to its roots in 'Call of Duty: WWII' as it takes players to the original "boots on the ground" gameplay style instead of the modern system movement seen from the three previous Call of Duty titles such as the ability to jump twice and the capability that allows players to run against the wall. The CoD franchise continued to surprise fans as they launch a new Social Space.

Video game publisher Activision showed fans a glimpse of what they could expect from Headquarters in 'Call of Duty: WWII.' The virtual space can accommodate up to 48 players while they wait in between matches, the trailer seen below redefines the term 'lobby' as headquarters provide players with several options made available in this virtual waiting area.

The staging area

In headquarters, players can sharpen their skills in firing ranges and obstacle courses laid within the location. Headquarters could be aimed at providing players with a virtual camp where they can interact and compete with others during the duration of their stay while waiting for multiplayer matches to begin. While in the headquarters, players will also be able to watch Call of Duty esports matches live in the Theater.

"The Pit," as an example, provides an excellent venue for a deathmatch. Those in the mood for a little competition can challenge other players to an accuracy contest in one of the shooting ranges in the area. Apart from the "I'm getting rusty" excuse, the headquarters is designed to be a beneficial venue for players, so that even spectators who view others open loot boxes will also be rewarded with prizes.

Those players who would want to show off gears and skins they either purchased or unlocked will find it a good place for them to hang out.

Gaining momentum

The CoD franchise seems to be on the right track as fans positively absorb these significant changes in the game. With the improved zombies mode and better campaign missions, the game continues to garner a positive response from both critics and fans.

With the introduction of this dedicated social space, CoD can hope to see an improvement in numbers both in its growing fan base and in its revenue. The headquarters can be a good venue for dynamic events and a place where players could hang out more often to socialize and let off steam before and after multiplayer matches.

Call of Duty: WWII will be released on November 3 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.