Battlefield 1” turns a year old in just a few months, but support for the game is far from over. Its Community Test Environment is now live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, albeit only available for North America and Europe as of writing. However, DICE made testing to the point of grandeur and brought new skins and Melee Weapons to the game.

For the past few weeks, the developer has added several “In the Name of the Tsar” maps onto the CTE for playtesting before the expansion launches sometime in September. The developers had to take a break on the expansion maps, however, supposedly to make sure everything goes well for the CTE, according to PVPLive.

It all makes sense now – players are now geared up with new melee weapons, and the Legendary skins are a thing of beauty, garnering positive response from testers.

New additions to ‘Battlefield 1’ on CTE

As per PVPLive via @BFBulletin on Twitter, new melee weapons include:

  • Russian Fighting Knife
  • Axe
  • Coupe Coupe
  • Ararebo
  • Hunting Knife
  • Arditi Dagger
  • Dud Club
  • Cossack Dagger

Here’s a preview of “Battlefield 1’s” new skins:

Each of the newly added weapons for the “In the Name of the Tsar” DLC will have a Legendary weapon skin, and some Distinguished skins to boot.

New setup for Specializations in BF1

During the weekend, DICE took to the “Battlefield One” subreddit to announce the game’s new Specializations and how they work differently than they did in the previous games. all players start with three Specializations by default: Flak, Cover, and Quick Regen, but you get to unlock the rest by completing Service Assignments.

The developer added that all perks will be unlocked once the CTE goes live, so that players can freely mix and match. There will be fifteen Specializations in total when the system debuts, with seven being available for all classes, and two unique to each of the four classes.

Specializations have been a long-standing tradition of the “Battlefield” games ever since 2006’s “Battlefield 2142.” In games like “Battlefield 4,” selecting certain perks could allow players to increase their health or avoid detection from motion scanners.

Although “Battlefield 1CTE is now live on consoles, initial testing for specializations will happen on PC only. According to DICE, consoles have different release requirements that are beyond the studio’s control. However, the team is hopeful that it’ll be able to begin testing on consoles in the “not too distant future.”