When it comes to the open-world game franchises, "Assassins Creed" remains one of the most popular. The franchise has produced a lot of mind blowing games since 2007. "Assassins Creed Origins" is going to be the latest flagship of the franchise and it is also anticipated to be one the best "Assassins Creed" games in the series. The upcoming edition is different from its predecessors in some interesting ways. Simultaneously, there are new things the studio is adding to the game. Here are five new additions in "Assassins Creed Origins."

A brand new 'Assassin'

"Assassins Creed Origins" will feature a brand new assassin by the name of "Bayek." This character is the last of the "Majai" who worked as a secret service to the "Pharaoh." This game will tell the story of how the brotherhood started.

The estimated time-period of the story is around 43 B.C. Therefore, the time-period in this new game is much earlier than the previous "AC" games.

A new Open World

The "AC" franchise is mainly famous for its open world gameplay. However, the latest flagship of the franchise has taken the open world gameplay to a whole new level. The map provided in the game is vast and large. Simultaneously, there are a lot of new events that are going on as well. THe NPCs which are present in the game can make the gameplay a lot more interesting as well.

A new 'loot' system

The Assassins could loot a lot of stuff in the previous "AC" games. However, the looting system is a lot different than the previous games.

In the previous games, the protagonist could not loot weapons of the enemies. However, in the latest edition of the game, the player can loot the enemy weapons and simultaneously they can be used against the enemy as well.

A new 'scouting' system

"Assassins Creed Origins" comes with a new scouting system. In the previous "Assassins Creed" games, a player could scout an environment with Eagle views.

However, in this game, a player will get a new scouting system called "Senu," which will help players scout the environment and get a complete bird's eye views of the environment.

A new 'combat' system

The combat system of the new "Assassins Creed" game also will be different than the previous "AC" games. In the demo version of "AC origins," we have seen a slow motion shooting of a guard. Simultaneously, from different prospectives, the combat system will be a lot more free flowing rather than a locked combat system.