For the most part, Video Games are an art form that relays powerful messages through their intricate plot and stunning artwork. Amazing games also usually have some simple, yet meaningful gameplay mechanics to immerse the player in the virtual world. While there are many different genres to choose from, there have been some extremely violent video games that have even been the cause of some controversy in the past. Some may call these titles tasteless yet they have managed to collect their fair share of fans. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the most violent video games that you can play.

Hotline Miami

When people usually think of violent video games, the first thing that comes to mind is realistic graphics. After all, the more believable it looks, the more shocking it seems, right? Well, “Hotline Miami” easily disproves this simple train of thought with its hardcore fast-paced combat and 2D graphics. This top-down shooter pits you in the shoes of two protagonists who are instructed to commit massacres against the Russian mafia. The game is very challenging as you can day in one hit, but the same can be done to your enemies. Every hit sends these 2D enemies flying across the screen with a trail of blood and guts lying in its wake. Despite its seemingly outdated graphics, “Hotline Miami” is the last thing you’d want to let your child play.

Manhunt 2

This game was the major topic of controversy back in the day for its realistic take on murders. This psychological horror stealth title centers around the protagonist named Daniel Lamb who is a mental patient suffering from amnesia. Throughout the game, he’s accompanied by a sociopathic assassin named Leo Kasper who guides him on his killing spree.

The game primarily follows stealth gameplay and allows for a good number of brutal execution methods. This extreme violence caught the attention of mass media and was even give an AO (Adult) rating in several countries.


This strange 1997 PC racing game acts plays like you would expect it to as the game is basically all about racing with others cars.

However, the thing here is that you can actually run over pedestrians which can lead to some pretty gruesome scenes. Naturally, this also attracted its fair share of criticism back in the day and was eventually censored. Instead of humans, the developers replaced them with robots and zombies that spill green liquid instead.