As announced earlier this year, "Project Cars 2" for Xbox One and PS4 gaming platforms is scheduled to arrive this September. There are still months to go until the launch, however, the developer behind the game, Slightly Mad Studios has officially announced what one can expect from the upcoming game. The announcement was made on their official blog-post which revealed all the key details of the upcoming "Project Cars 2" game.

New tracks and news cars

As mentioned previously, Slightly Mad Studios in a blog post announced that the upcoming "Project Cars 2" for Xbox One and PS4 gaming platforms is going to arrive with 60 different tracks and 180 different cars.

According to the company, the upcoming game will consist of the largest track roster on the console that has ever existed in the history of the game.

The tracks have been inspired from places all around the world, including countries like North America and Europe as well. The game developer further went on to state that they took special time out to carefully select all the major tracks. According to them, the tracks were “carefully chosen to reflect the 9 motor-sport disciplines and 29 series that come with the game.”

Apart from this, it has also been mentioned by Slightly Mad Studios that the courses in the upcoming game are going to experience four different kinds of weather. The game will also witness a transition from day-time to night-time.

The gaming experience is going to become extremely realistic because the drivers will also be required to venture through several natural elements including ice, snow, mist, wind as well as rain. Readers can check out a complete list of tracks and settings on "Project Cars 2’s" official website that is here. In another blog-post, Slightly Mad game developer also announced that there will be 180 different cars to choose from, for the gamers.

A whole new package

According to the company, the gamers will be able to even customize and build the car up to their respective requirement. They stated that they had hired professionals to design each car to perfection. The cars have been broken down into different categories as well.

For instance, gamers have the option of choosing from Road Cars such as 2017 McLaren 720S or from the Vintage Prototype cars such as the 1965 Lotus Type 40 Ford. The game, ‘Project Cars 2’ is expected to be launched globally on September 22nd on numerous gaming platforms including PC, Xbox One, and PS4.