Nintendo has finally announced the Snes Classic Edition, a modern version of the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System, pre-loaded with 20+ games

Like the NES Classic Edition before, the SNES Classic Edition is a must-have for the die-hards. It comes with fun titles such as “Contra 3: The Alien Wars” and “Final Fantasy 3.” Due to licensing reasons, Nintendo is not able to add some games, but the current list should be sufficient.

Should fans buy the new system?

A system that costs $79.99 and plays nearly two dozen old games isn’t a must-have when the chance of the same games making it to Nintendo’s online platform is quite high.

Furthermore, the Japanese giant will likely end production of the system before the end of the year.

Despite all of that, there’s one great reason to pick up this little system with its ancient games, and that’s “Star Fox 2.” If you’ve never heard of "Star Fox 2" before, well, that’s fine because the game was fully completed and was never released officially to the public. Interested persons can locate the leaked copy online, but according to the creator, it lacks a key feature.

Nintendo canceled the game due to the publication of the Sega Saturn and PlayStation video game consoles. Apparently, the 3D graphics in the game was not on the same level when compared to the PlayStation and Saturn.

Furthermore, because the Nintendo 64 was right around the corner, the developers couldn’t bother to keep working on something coming out for an old platform.

What Does the game look like?

While most folks have never played the game before, the title was leaked in the past and can be seen in playable form on the web. It’s not the best looking because it didn’t age well, but if the first game is anything to go by, “Star Fox 2” should be a fun experience.

Outside of "Star Fox 2," there are several great titles available among the 21 games. Titles such as "The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past" and "Donkey Kong Country" are some of the best on the list.

The only problem facing the SNES Classic Edition is the price. For only 21 classic games, the pricing should have come below $79.99.

Yet again, this is Nintendo taking advantage of its excellent library.

Not to mention, these same games will one day be available via the company’s Virtual Console program. What’s interesting is the fact that all the games that are part of this system will be free to play as long as gamers subscribe to Nintendo’s online service for the Switch.