far cry 5” has made an impact on the gamers during its reveal a few months ago. In many instances, it has proven to have numerous changes that set it apart from its previous game installments. New details about several gameplay features including the new Resistance Meter were detailed in a recent interview from one of the writers of the upcoming game.

Gameplay changes

Recently, Gaming Bolt conducted an interview with “Far Cry 5’s” Lead Writer Drew Holmes who revealed several interesting details about the game. According to the writer, there are various types of gameplay in the fifth game installment that will surely give players a reactive and immersive gaming experience.

He added that these will be centered on progression elements and more missions.

Moreover, Holmes said that they have made a 360-degree systemic approach to the upcoming game. With this, players can do any strategy that they have in mind. As compared to the third and fourth installments where paths are gated, the writer said that in this game, players will have an open world where he can hunt and explore.

Resistance Meter

Aside from those details, Holmes also mentioned about the Resistance Meter. According to him, this will connect both the story and exploration elements in the game. The idea is that as the player explores the world, he will have to build a resistance in every region. As a player, you are doing something that will get the attention of the cult when you start growing followers.

He added that the reason for including this new feature in the game is to foster a more reactive gaming. The villains in the game will react to the things that you are doing, so when you gain following, the enemies will do something to destroy the resistance that you are building.

Moreover, the new inclusion in the game will give the player the feeling that the story and exploration mode is interconnected.

With the Resistance Meter, the player can make whatever experience it want, which is a departure from the usual games where the narrative is being spoon-fed to the players. Strict side missions and game story typical in most titles in the gaming world today will not be experienced by players in the game’s fifth installment.

Far Cry 5” is set to be released on February 27, 2018. It will be available to Microsoft Windows PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, you may check out below the full length reveal trailer courtesy of MathChief - Gameplay & Trailers to get a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming game.