The Nintendo Switch has become such a popular console since it was released back in March. Fans are struggling to find the console, as game stores are running out as soon as they’re delivered. This hybrid console is one of Nintendo’s most innovative units as players can take it with them out of the house or place it on a dock to play on the big screen. There’s no denying the appeal and popularity of the Switch, but it’s still missing some major features.

Virtual console

One of Nintendo’s greatest weapons in the gaming industry are their classic titles on their previous systems.

Nintendo found a way to utilize this through the Virtual Console on the 3DS and Wii U which allowed fans to play games from the SNES, Game Boy, and more. However, this handy feature is still missing on the Nintendo Switch, along with the fact that its gaming library is still pretty small. Nintendo has yet to comment on when it will arrive, but they promised fans that those who subscribe to their online service will get free SNES games each month. There’s no doubt that putting the Virtual Console on the Switch will further boost its sales and popularity in the market.

Internet browser

All modern consoles, even handhelds like the PS Vita and 3DS, have a built in internet browser. While it might not be the best online experience, these browsers are pretty useful for passing the time or looking up some quick information for games.

Despite being a modern console, Nintendo still hasn’t included or unlocked the internet browser on the Switch. Again, just like with the Virtual Console, they’ve yet to announce when this feature will finally arrive on the console.

Streaming services

Another popular thing with modern consoles is that they has access to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

These apps help people get more out of their console as they can easily watch their favorite TV series or movies in HD. It’s worth pointing out that even the PS Vita even has Netflix which makes it a bit more useful despite its current library. In line with this, Nintendo is really lacking when it comes to the Switch’s online features.

The internet browser and streaming services might seem like little additions to the console, but they make a big difference altogether. Similarly, Nintendo has just released the voice app for “Splatoon 2” on mobile devices and it could use some major work. The app drains battery life and disconnects if the user puts the phone in sleep mode.