JRPG fans now have another reason to rejoice as Square Enix has announced a new title from Tokyo RPG Factory, called “Lost Sphear.” The spelling takes a lot of getting used to, but it’s set to arrive on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and STEAM in early 2018 for $49.99.

It goes without saying that “Lost Sphear” is every inch of a classic JRPG, with themes modeled from “I Am Setsuna,” created by the same studio, which debuted last year on the PS4 and Windows PC. Established in August 2014, Tokyo RPG Factory is Square Enix-founded studio intended to give classic JRPGs a makeover to fit on current-gen consoles, mixing the spirit of the past with technologies of today.

Story and gameplay details

Lost Sphear” generally revolves around the life of a young boy named Kanata, who struggles to survive in his home to which he found out, is in total chaos. “To stop the world from being lost forever,” the press release for the game indicates, Kanata’s mission is to rebuild his hometown, at least to what he recalls it to be like.

Players are again taken into a magical world where all thoughts can be transformed into matter. This is what’s known of the game so far, but Kanata’s skills seem to stem from memory. The new iteration isn’t exactly a sequel to “I Am Setsuna,” but players may spot a few similarities from time to time. The PR did say, however, the game will have an improved ATB combat system that will let players decide their placement mid-battle.

There will be more locations to explore, with Tokyo RPG promising that environments will be more seamless.

More JRPGs from Square Enix soon?

I Am Setsuna” proved a massive hit, with fans of the JRPG genre appreciating its Chrono Trigger inspired an approach to combat and gameplay. Square Enix had taken great interest on the title and funded it, no doubt also appreciated the fact the game was produced on a relatively modest budget and became successful in its own right.

If the studio’s second title takes off, the publisher will no doubt expand more JRPG titles for current-gen consoles.

Lost Sphear” will launch as a digital title first, with a limited run of physical editions for PS4 and Switch available for pre-order exclusively from the Square Enix online store. Those who pre-order will receive two songs, which will be available to download on launch day.

Neither Square Enix nor Tokyo RPG Factory provided a firm launch date, but the early 2018 release window is a quick turnaround for the studio. “I Am Setsuna” was released less than a year ago and was recently ported to Switch in March.