Temple of Seitan, the beloved Vegan Fast Food joint, which has become one of the most Instagrammed eats in London, has just opened up a test kitchen and they’re serving up something completely new.

The current vegan and plant-based movement has grown massively in the last year, enough to drive up sales of plant-based alternatives. With many celebrities joining the fray and increased awareness of the health benefits, the growth of the movement shows no signs of slowing. It seems as though we are on the brink of a complete re-imagining of what it means to eat well.

All hail seitan

Owners Pat O’Shea and Rebecca McGuinness, originally from Melbourne, Australia, are hell-bent on providing London's growing vegan, animal loving, and environmental advocate communities with some of the tastiest cruelty-free fast food around. Seitan is a meat-free protein alternative, which conveniently mimics the fibrous texture of meat, made from wheat gluten flour. It can be dressed up and flavored any way the user pleases, but its color and texture lend themselves perfectly to the imitation of crispy fried chicken. It's no wonder then, that McGuinness and O'Shea decided to jump into the market in the guise of a classic London chicken shop, even using classic crockery and paper wrapping.

Customers agree, proved by the massive line which is now a permanent fixture outside the Hackney branch, that they've fit the bill perfectly.

Temple of Seitan, which began as a street food favorite, has grown considerably in the last 14 months, opening their first street-front location, Temple of Hackney, in 2017 in the well-established hipster stronghold of Hackney in east London.

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More recently, to the delight of their devoted fans, they have opened a second location in Camden, home to the famous Camden markets. This week, a test kitchen was launched in Shoreditch in collaboration with Lost Rivers Brewing Co. to try out their new, inventive seitan products.

Seitan boned ribs have made it to the menu

In line with the opening of their new test kitchen, Temple has launched a totally new product in their test kitchen which is set to impress: vegan boned ribs.

Complete with BBQ sauce and a crunchy, edible bone which even has its own tasty marrow filling, you won’t miss the meat. This kind of revolutionary product is what makes Temple of Seitan such an exciting restaurant. There is certainly a growing need for these kinds of meat-free, ethical products which don’t compromise on flavor, convenience or satisfaction. From here, it looks as though the following of Temple of Seitan will only continue to grow.