When I first heard about "Keto coffee" I almost gagged. Who wants to put oil in their coffee? And, who in their right mind would think that adding spoonfuls of high-caloric oil into a typically low-cal breakfast would help them lose weight? However, as the keto food trend sweeps the nation I was curious enough that I had to try it.

Oil to help you lose weight?

As a college student, I often don't have time for a full-fledged breakfast, though I realize the importance of one. Typically, I run to a coffee shop and grab a latte before class and call it good.

So, I figured that a good way to incorporate the keto diet into my personal diet was in my morning coffee.

I headed to my local Whole Foods and bought a packet of Mocha flavored keto coffee creamer by the brand Know Brainer. Know Brainer claims that their creamers, when mixed in a regular cup of coffee, help to promote mental clarity (get it? Know Brainer...), and force your body to burn fat rather than carbohydrates. They also claim that one packet of creamer will leave you full until lunchtime. Seemed like a win to me.

I poured the thick packet of creamer into a cup of coffee and took a sip. It was surprisingly good. While I did love the mocha flavor, I was a bit overwhelmed by the oily aftertaste in my mouth, though I shouldn't have been considering that the product is primarily made of MTC oil and butter.

I had a bit of a hard time drinking my whole Cup Of Coffee, as the oils made me feel rather queasy. However, I chugged like a champ and finished the cup. I noticed that after a few hours, I was beginning to feel some hunger pangs, but overall I felt pretty good.

But, what does it really taste like?

The mocha flavor tasted just like that: a mocha.

I found that the chocolate flavors really came through my coffee, and it was just sweet enough to curb my sweet taste. However, it would be a lie to say that I could not take the oil. While it isn't overpowering, it definitely tastes like you are drinking oil, however healthy it may be.

Are there many flavors?

Encouraged, I went back to the market and bought more.

I realized that Know Brainer has tons of flavors besides mocha: they have original, french vanilla, vanilla bean, and hazelnut. They even have hot chocolate and a range of tea flavors: matcha and chai. Keeping with the health theme, each flavor is available in a "full dairy-friendly" version or a "casein and lactose-free" version. I liked mocha, so I just bought more of those.

As I drank more Know Brainer coffees, I got less nauseous when I drank them. I suppose my body got used to the oil intake. I now love Know Brainer. I use them primarily as a snack before I exercise rather than as a meal replacement, but depending on how many calories you burn in a day it could be used for either. Since I started drinking Know Brainer, I have noticed that I have more energy.

I find that the mix of the oils and the coffee is the perfect boost for a tired, overwhelmed college student like me (not to mention how easy and portable the individual packets are- perfect for a dorm).

While I have loved Know Brainer, I plan on going back to the market to find some more brands of keto coffee or creamers to compare the tastes and energy levels.

So, if you are looking to improve your brain power and your metabolism all in one fell swoop, look no further than keto coffee!