Wake up, make breakfast, brush teeth, and make your bed, all major chores to do when you start your day. At what point in your day do you start thinking about your health? Some may start with picking what to eat for breakfast and lunch, others may start when taking their morning vitamins. People spend so much time thinking about how they can work out to get the best body, what to eat to stay healthy and not to smoke or Drink too much. Keeping up with all these can be a hassle and you don't need to spend more time worrying about being healthy. How do you make drinking the recommended eight eight-ounce glasses per day easy?

This is how: Drink in style, trick yourself, and know the benefits.

Drink in style

Water can be boring with not much taste or fizz involved. Even the city of Pawnee, Indiana changed the name to H2Flow. How do you change a boring daily chore into something that you want to drink?

Get a container that makes you want to drink. Find a stylish tumbler or container that represents you. Something that has a favorite superhero, tv show or design. By having a container that you are attracted to the more you will notice it and be able to consciously drink more from it. You can now buy containers that have times on them which can help you track how much you are drinking and how much more you need to drink within the day.

Start your day with an inspirational saying on your bottle. Most containers hold more than 12 ounces which means that when you finish your first round of the bottle you are drinking from you already consume more than the recommended eight ounces.

Add a flavor that you like. Do you like strawberries? Cucumber? Raspberries? Lemon?

Any of these will not only add an extra taste but can help with digestion, energy and more. The water infuses with the added flavor and the benefits of those fruits/Vegetables get distributed through your body. Enjoy the flavor you are drinking and gain added incentives.

Still having trouble drinking that boring water? Try sparkling, no it will not make you shine more.

Sparkling water is a great choice for people who enjoy carbonation. You can enjoy the feeling of drinking soda and the benefits of drinking water.

Consume without knowing it

Drinking straight water is the easiest way to ensure you are getting the recommended about for your daily goal. However, drinking is not the only way you can consume water. As we talked about above, adding a flavor or some carbonation will help you drink more but you can also eat it!

Fruits offer a lot of water when consumed. At the top of that list is, you guessed it, are watermelon and strawberries. There is about 92 percent per volume in these two fruits. The next high water per volume fruits includes grapefruit, cantaloupe, and peaches.

Falling at the lower end is bananas, still at 74 percent. The top vegetables are cucumber and lettuce, containing 96 percent of water. Zucchini, radishes, and celery also contain a lot of water. Peas and white potatoes contain a lower amount at about 79 percent. Find out more ways to consume vegetables in your diet here.

Next time you are trying to rehydrate after your workout you may want to think of grabbing some watermelon or cucumber over that glass of water. Not only will you be replenishing your body with water but you will also offer yourself some nutrients that you lost during your workout. You can also drink items like milk and tea to help hit your daily goal.

Know the benefits

Drinking water helps regulate your body.

Drinking enough can help regulate your digestion and prevent UTIs. It helps the internal cooling system in your body and helps you not overheat. Dehydration can come on fast, fatigue and headaches are big indicators that you are becoming dehydrated and need to consume more. Remember if you are already thirsty you are well on your way to becoming dehydrated. Do you experience swelling in your extremities? Drinking enough water in your day can help eliminate swelling body parts.

Learn more about the many uses of water by reading this article.