Every year, certain dishes tend to make their way into the mainstream and rise to popularity. In 2017, off color and over the top foods stepped up to the plate. I'm talking unicorn everything, activated charcoal, and wild flavors. People all over the world were going crazy for the brightly hued flavors of unicorn and rainbows. Ice cream shops, candy stores, and even coffee shops showcased a unicorn or charcoal themed food item. These oddly colored, intensely flavorful foods were loved by avid food trend followers.

2018: Another year of food trends

This year, the list of foods making their mark is sure to look different.

2018 promises to be a healthier food year, as people become more interested in their health and the health of the planet. The food trends this year may be different, but they are sure to be as weird as the catchy foods we all grew to love in 2017.

Among some of the most exciting Food Trends catching wind in the early months of 2018 are cheese teas, ethnic flavors, and an even bigger push for farm to table styles of cooking and eating.

Cheese tea, organic food, new flavors make a splash

Putting cheese in a tea sounds unappetizing, but this surprising combination of tea and cream cheese is actually delicious.

The richness of the cream cheese acts as a super decadent type of creamer, and the tea balances out the sweetness of the cheese. A match made in tea heaven, to say the least.

And while cheese tea may not be the healthiest thing you'll eat in 2018, the push for healthier, local food will definitely make up for the calories you'll be taking in by chugging those creamy sips of heaven.

The drive to buy natural, locally grown and produced foods has caught even more steam this year. As people aim to lower their environmental footprint and be healthier, they are moving towards farmers markets and local grocery stores. As people strive to cook sustainably and reduce their food waste, indoor gardensare beginning to grow in popularity, and even businesses are catching on to the health food bandwagon.

Foreign cuisines have also made an uprising, and I'm not just talking about Chinese takeout and fast Mexican food. Recipes from Israel, Ethiopia, and multiple Asian islands have made it to the United States. Everyone from fine dining chefs to the most humble home cooks are trying out new and exciting dishes to ring in the new year.

To stay ahead in this exciting year of food, make sure to keep up to date on the latest food news, look up ways to make your food more sustainable, research new recipes from different countries to put under your cooking tool belt, and go find yourself a cheese tea.

Happy eating, food trend warriors!