If one wants to ascertain the reason why so many people doubt that human-caused Global warming is a pressing problem, it is the fact that those who advocate it are often scolds who want people to be denied things they like. If it is not taking away air conditioning and automobiles, the climate change movement now wants to take away food we like to eat. Food causes global warming and other horrible things.

A tax on meat advocated.

First, from the good folks at the Americans for Tax Reform, a proposal to slap a tax on meat. PETA (naturally) is behind the scheme.

The theory is that we have sin taxes on cigarettes and alcohol, now extended to soft drinks in specific locales, so why not meat? Meat, whether it is ham slices that one puts in one sandwich, or slabs of brisket, so beloved of Texans and Jewish people, slow smoked for hours with a spice rub, is terrible for us. Pulled pork and rotisserie chicken causes cardiovascular disease and warms the planet. So, the conclusion seems to be, make those carnivores pay so that maybe they’ll all convert to veganism.

Sandwiches cause global warming.

According to New Atlas, the humble sandwich, invented by an English earl who wanted to be able to have his lunch while at the gaming table, causes global warming. A team of researchers at the University of Manchester has calculated that each sandwich produces as much as 3.18 pounds of carbon dioxide.

Multiply that by 11.5 billion sandwiches made in the UK each year and one generates a lot of CO2. Mind, a ham and Swiss one makes at home has less of a carbon footprint than a prepackaged variety that one picks up and the store.

Food as an environmental issue.

Food has rarely been a political issue, except when delving into questions about how to get enough to people who don’t have enough.

It is a testament to the wealth of the United States that obesity is a far more significant problem than hunger.

Taxes on meat will likely not be something that will be popular nationwide. Propose such a thing in Texas and then watch as people put down their spatulas and tongs and reach for their open carry firearms. On the other hand, one wonders how California, where taxes are a growth industry, has not thought of it.

A meat tax would be enough to make Californian Food Network stars Guy Fieri and Giada de Laurentiis want to up stakes and move to a state with a more sensible attitude toward what people cook and put into their bodies.