Buffalo Wild Wings has a new directive after a choppy market is followed by new owners. A restaurant well known for its delicious food, wings, and social atmosphere. The offer was healthy at $150 per share, as we close in on New Year's Day.

Arby's owner has a beef with missed opportunity, loves food.

According to media reports, BWW is one of the many restaurant takeovers by private equity firms. Most recently by Roark Capital Group, interested in gaining capital before New Year's Day. A hedge fund activist that also purchased the fast food chain Arby's in 2011 from Wendy's.

In April, BWW stock prices dropped to the lowest point since 2013. Those prices began to ascend in August when Roark Capital Group purchased them after a proxy battle. Eventually, the board meetings resulted in longtime CEO Sally Smith stepping down. This turn of events has raised many questions about the future of BWW. Additionally, Buffalo Wild Wings suffered losses to both hurricanes earlier this year. The storms caused damages exceeding $3.0 million in lost sales. Also, an approximate 10% loss to its earnings per share. With debt excluded, the value of the transaction is roughly $2.9 billion. BWW will become a private unit of Arby's, and the restaurant will operate as an independent brand.

Will they wing it with Buffalo Wild Wings?

Marcato Capital Management assigned directors to the Buffalo Wild Wings board in June. After their assignment, shares increased by up to 5% during operating hours. Yet, the presence of the activist hedge fund brought about some questionable decisions. Maintaining as CEO of a company with a public face is unforgiving work.

Sally Smith attributed much to the growth of BWW, as recent reports conclude, until 2015. Then, forced out of a career that had lasted for 20 years. On the bright side there are new proposals and improvements, and delicious food. Especially when considering the much-needed continence of positive outcome in the stock market this New Year's Eve.

  • There are plans of expanding into India. Also, countries such as the United Arab Emirates, the Philippines, and Mexico.

  • A decision made early in the third quarter to change the price of wings during half-off Wing Tuesday.

  • Also, there's information about net cost, reportedly with savings of up to $50 million.

  • Employees will receive refreshment training

  • Solutions are being made for the growing demand for delivery orders.

  • A rewards program created, with 2 million customers involved.

New Year's Day is on its way.

Currently, BWW will change to an unknown extent. Yet, most changes should occur internally, as more information becomes available. Marcato has announced plans to elect the previous CEO of Pizza Hut.

Also many other experienced corporate officials. Furthermore, there is focus on growing the company's international presence. Marcato has discovered a myriad of flaws since becoming CEO. Things such as missing deadlines and wasted extensions. So, focusing on franchising options and improving current margins is very important. Although, these plans have met with opposition from BWW locations around the world. On a technological note, to simplify the process of ordering food, Marcato will provide tablets. Much time and money have wasted in recent years due in part to apathetic management. So, these decisions were immediate for this reason. Unfortunately, there are no reports on the food, pricing, or location changes.

Particularly, with Marcato at the helm, things are looking good for next year. After purchasing the franchise for $2.4 billion, there's no room for error. BWW will become a greatly improved establishment by New Year's Day with this continued commitment.