Eating Meat has been a staple part of the global diet. We use it for our burgers, for our BBQ's, and for our holiday feasts. But what would happen if everyone suddenly stopped eating meat?

Meat-free pros

Being meat-Free is often not an option for some people, especially if they have anemia or any other medical condition where they have to have meat as part of their diet. For those that do not have dietary needs or medical issues that require meat, going meat-free by adopting vegetarianism and vegan lifestyles could impact the global population. If everyone was a vegan or a form of vegetarian, then there would be fewer deaths related to diets that include meat.

Not only would the death rate be lower, but many industries that process meat would be out of business. A researcher at the Oxford Martin School's Future of Food Program found that food related emissions would drop 60%. This means that by eliminating red meat, there would be less methane gas within the atmosphere.

Removing or reducing the amount of meat means there is less chance of heart disease, stroke, cancer, or diabetes. This also means fewer medical bills.

Some of the greatest changes would be to the environment. Pastures for grazing animals could be reused to save native habitats and forests and bring back certain flora and fauna. Farmers who raise sheep may still be able to use these animals to maintain the environment, but not for the purpose of providing meat.

Meat-free cons

While there are some good options to being meat-free some of the consequences could mean people in the meat industry would have to find something else as a career. Although they can be retrained for other types of careers, it could mean serious economic Problems for rural communities in the global world.

While vegans do not eat meat and some vegetarians eat forms of dairy and eggs, those who choose not to eat animal products such as milk or cheese would have to take supplements to maintain levels of B vitamins, Iron, Calcium, and Vitamin D.

Nomadic tribes in Africa would have to hunker down and settle permanently if they are unable to roam with their livestock. This also includes losing cultural traditions such as no turkey for Christmas or Thanksgiving, and being offered livestock as a wedding present in some cultures.

Going meat-free is a personal choice, but tipping the scales of global economics could lead to certain problems if everyone adopted this notion of going meat-free in the future.