If you are a new mother, there are many things you have to think about. When the #baby is first born, the last thing you think about is the baby growing and introducing the baby to solid foods. As you return home from the hospital, there are 4 to 6 months before you have to start introducing solids. However, time flies and before you know it, you have to start thinking about baby #food.

As a new mom, many people will tell you to avoid the processed baby food you can get at the local store. Moms will tell you that you simply don't know what has been added to these foods and it is much better if you make it yourself. At this point in time, you may be completely exhausted from having a baby, you may be lacking sleep, and may be growing tired of the constant screaming in your face because your baby has just discovered how to use his or her voice.

But it is actually very simple to make your own puréed baby food. There are even mom hacks and special tips that you can take into use, so you don't have to purée the baby food every time the baby needs to eat.

Where to start

When you start your baby on solids, it is recommended that you start with fruits and vegetables. But since fruits are sweeter than vegetables, babies tend to enjoy fruits more. It is better that you introduce vegetables first so they get used to different flavors before learning about fruit. Similarly, it is better that you introduce water before juices.

To start off with vegetables, choose ones that are sweet and bland in flavor. This can include sweet potato, potato, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. You will quickly learn what kind of flavors your baby prefers.

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Peel the vegetables that have a skin on them. This includes yams, carrots, potato, and so forth. Once peeled, cut them into small cubes and divide them so you have one batch of potato, one batch of yams, and one that carrots, for example. You want to cook all of these vegetables separately, so you can see if your baby has an allergic reaction to them.

In a pot, add some water and then place your steamer in the pot. Add the vegetables of your choice to the steamer and let them stay in until they're soft. You want to be able to mash the vegetables with a fork. Once they are done, pour them into a blender and then add the remaining water from which you have steamed them. You want there to be enough water so you can get a purée consistency. If you are unsure of how much water to add, start with half a cup and then add as you blend. If your blender is not blending the vegetables, you need to add more water.

Mom hack

Once blended, pour them into #Ice Cube trays so you have small bite-size servings for your baby.

This will help you save time and prevent food waste. Repeat the steps for every vegetable that you want to purée. If the vegetable is soft enough, you may be able to serve the vegetable as is. Just make sure that the vegetable is soft enough, as your baby does not know how to chew.

The trick with the ice cube tray is that you freeze the food that you just made into ice cube shapes so you can quickly get a serving of baby food when you need it. Once lunch time comes around, break out the ice cubes of your choice. For example, take one cube of broccoli, one potato, and one yam. Heat them up in the microwave so it is just above room temperature.

Serve the baby the warm food and let him or her explore the food. Babies need to be curious about the food to have a great experience. You cannot force the food into the baby's mouth, as it may delay the curiosity to try more foods.

What do you think about this simple and healthy way to puree baby food? Are you using the ice cube trick to store your baby food?