The very first Jell-O shot recipe was made in 1862. It was found in a book titled How to Mix Drinks or The Vivant's Companion by Jerry Thomas. It contained lots of cocktail recipes and there was just one for a Punch Jelly known more commonly today as a Jell-O shot.

Jell-O shots as we know and enjoy them, today were invented by a guy named Tom Lehrer. While Lehrer was stationed at a U.S. naval base he wanted to sneak alcohol onto the base during a Christmas party. The best way he could think to hide or camouflage the vodka was to add it to cooked orange-flavored Jell-O.

The story goes on to tell that the "dessert" was great and the party was even better -- and that's when history was made.Here are some new, and we think, much-improved variations on the original Lehrer orange-vodka shot.

Here are some new, and we think, much-improved variations on the original Lehrer orange-vodka shot.

Margarita Jell-O shot

The three main ingredients for a Margarita Jell-O shot is unflavored gelatin, lime juice, and Blanco Tequila. These shooters are bright and give you a burst of citrusy tequila and salt. A simple classic Margarita in a slightly more organized and condensed package.

Oreo Jell-O shots

This recipe uses real Oreo cookies around vodka-spiked condensed milk gelatin.

WOW! Mixed with condensed milk, gelatin, and vodka, this one stays true to its name and gives you a great combo of adult fun mixed with a dessert.

Strawberry and Champagne Jell-O shot

If you're looking for the perfect high-low balance stop here. Champagne, St.Germaine, and gelatin give this shooter all the kick it needs.

AdvertisementsThen this beauty is put in a Bundt pan mold allowing guests to serve themselves.

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After a few of these, they may even think they're at a classy establishment eating Haute dessert.

Moscow Mule Jello-shot

This is a citrusy vodka-based jell-O shot with a touch of spice and a ton of flavor uses Ginger beer, unflavored gelatin, and vodka. Ginger beer transforms this shot into an edible and delicious ingredient.

Fireball Jell-O shot

With this delectable shooter, the orange-flavored Jell-O acts as a fruity foil The whiskey brings a wonderful sweet spicy flavor to it allowing the Fireball to become the star of the show.

Cuba Libre Jell-O shot

This is a really easy shooter to down and one of the easiest three-ingredient rum cocktails around. All you need for this one is coca-cola, rum, and unflavored gelatin. Once again this shooter proves that the combination of Coca-Cola, lime, and rum can be delicious no matter how you want to serve them.