Emilie Talermo loves her dog, Jackson, but the blue-eyed miniature Australian Shepherd is missing right now. Talermo tied her dog's leash to a bench outside a grocery store on December 14 around 8 am and when she came out of the Bernal Heights store in San Francisco, he was gone.

It's a heartbreaking thing to happen to any dog owner, but most could not go to the lengths Talermo is going to get her beloved Jackson back.

$7,000 reward offered for stolen dog

Talermo has offered a generous reward of $7,000 for anyone who can find Jackson, or alternatively hand him over to her.

On top of this, she has hired a plane in the search for the missing or stolen dog. The plane will bear a banner featuring a website set up by Talermo to find five-year-old Jackson.

As reported by ABC News, Emilie said on Thursday that she is trying everything she can think of to find the dog. She said she is only one person and needs help to get the word out about her missing pet. Her website is www.bringjacksonhome.com and on the site she offers the $7,000, “no questions asked” reward.

Man in hoodie spotted on surveillance video

The grocery store has surveillance video footage showing a man, wearing a hoodie and walking up to the bench where Jackson had been secured with his leash and allegedly stealing the dog. Talermo has published a video that concerned people can download via her website and share as widely as possible on social media.

On the website and on flyers distributed by Emilie and her friends, Jackson is described as being a 28-pound, white, gray and black Australian shepherd dog with blue eyes. Talermo even opened a tinder account for Jackson, hoping someone would swipe in the right direction for her beloved pup. She is hoping someone spotted the man in the hoodie with her dog.

The plane with the banner was set to fly over San Francisco and the Oakland area on Friday for two hours. The flight was originally set for Thursday but due to bad weather, it had to be rescheduled.

Having offered a $7,000 reward, and having to pay another $1,200 for the hire of the plane, Emilie has launched a GoFundMe page, where she has already raised more than the amount of the reward in only a couple of days. At the time of writing, the amount donated has reached $8,650.

According to Talermo, if the reward is not claimed, all money raised by the GoFundMe account will benefit Rocket Dog Rescue.

Jackson is the love of Emilie’s life

Talermo said Jackson was always with her and that it is a “very real love” and she needs help to find him. She got the dog in New York and then moved with him first to Los Angeles, followed by San Francisco. She says anyone she’s met through the years and during their travels knows how much she loves Jackson. She says she is “blown away” by the incredible support she is receiving in her search for the lost dog.

With the story going viral on the media, it can only be hoped that Talermo finds Jackson and can enjoy the Christmas holidays with him.